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Brand Introduction
Who is Vogoge
Ten years ago, business, manufacturing process from mold design to product model, along the way, we did not stop. Every fall, the next time they stand more stable, grief and joy of the sun after the storm, so Vogoge grow more strong build.
Vogoge team is a group of passionate young people from mainland China and Hong Kong, we want this feeling: a product with attractive packaging, along with the designer's inspiration and ingenuity, was held in the consumers around the world hands, heard praise ...
With this vision, we firmly doing from an idea to every aspect of a commodity, abandon shortcuts, never superficial, one step at a footprint, from Shenzhen, China, to the wider world beyond.

Vogoge design creativity
Vogoge are lovers of life, all ideas are derived from fervent pursuit of the perfect life. Insight into the details, it is often used to gain inspiration at all, and then the argument, and then try the cycle, after numerous negative, creativity is the real touched people's hearts.
Or gorgeous, or simple, or anterior, or introverted, they are inadequate to describe the Vogoge design characteristics. Eclectic, no framework, starting from the study of people's needs, and constantly test, continuous improvement, after the failure to insist, is Vogoge echoes the design of human nature.

Brand Story
One rainy night, a group of us in the studio ponder the brand name, we thought, discussing, has not been finalized, the window drops of rain, heavy night, then, a two year old little girl holding her mother's hand came the father, mother hand holds a box of eggs, then came the little girl said to himself:. "apple, apple, apple banana, banana, banana, then we have a few people look at the little girl, Attention all in her there, because the little girl was two years old, pronunciation is not standard, I do not know what she was saying, to listen to her mother she said, the little girl recently watched DVD in learning English, is currently able to read some words, we eat the eggs, laughing funny little girl: "Eggs English how to say" .Vgg, the little girl reciting the answer to us suddenly, that's it's name "Vogoge" It represents the resulting pure, full of love. There are infinite future, v and g constitute a cute little squirrel, Pentium jumping, full of vitality.
About Us
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